LED Hand Lamp

UV LED Hand Lamp

UV LED Light - Model ZUV-6

ZUV-6 Hand Held Lamp is designed to be 100% free from UV-B and the LED’s emit almost no visible light.It is complaint with ASTM UV-A intensity and wave length specifications for LPT & MPT. Is built with mechanical cooling design, ZUV-6 is approved to be dust and water resistant. This hand held lamp can be used for inspection any part or intricate surfaces of parts. This lamps gives a maximum intensity of 6000Microwatts/Sqcm IT is widely used in NDT inspection booths, fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, screening of fluorescent particles, wash station & inspection and so on.

Technical Specifications:-

  • Coverage area of 6 inches, with a Maxmimum of 3000Microwatts/Sqcm at 15″ inches (38Cm)
  • Refelectors to ensure uniform UV light on the surface.
  • The heat generated from the LED’s is dissipated via a mechanical cooling system, no fans necessary.
  • Weight of the hand lamp is less than 1kg (approximately around 700gms).
  • ZUV-6 is integrated with 6 separate modules of LED, Each modules can be replaced separately.
  • ZUV-6 is Supplied in Rugged carry case with 3Mtrs long chord for easy movement to different inspection areas.

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