Bath Tank

  • SS 304, V-Tank of 40ltrs capacity, supported by MS frames.
  • Solenoid valve to integrate the bath application in auto cycle.
  • Necessary interconnecting pipes.
  • 1” Drain valve
  • Hand hose for manual spray.
  • Suitable for oil based and water based magnetic particles.
  • The tank is provided with a level indicator and a low level indicator audio / visual alarm


ZC Series - Multidirectional

Range - V2000, V3000, V4000 V5000

The Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment ZC 450MD is a multidirectional equipment designed and manufactured to deliver 4000 Amps AC / 5000 Amps FWDC or HWDC for contact and 5 turn Coil magnetization, also equipped with 20 KAT Flux – Flow Coils. The Multi Vector equipment is advantageous when different types of Components are inspected with specific parameters and is extremely useful to detect Surface breaking & Near surface discontinuities. Independently Operated Multiple magnetizing circuits ensures the detection of defects oriented in any direction.

Product Features

  • Designed to meet the requirements of ASTM – E 1444, ASTM E 3024, ASTM E3024 M, ASTM E 709 and NADCAP
  • Superior Stainless Steel Bath tank & Main Tank design
  • Thyristorized current control – stepless control with Feed back
  • Independent Power Transformers for Contact & Coil magnetizing
  • Independently controlled magnetizing circuits for Contact / Coil & Flux Flow Through HMI with Programmable Recipes
  • Current Flow Assurance Indicator – Visual & Audio
  • Superior Transformer design with F class Insulation
  • Unique Bath Pump with controlled agitation system
  • Superior Pneumatic cylinders only by SMC or FESTO
  • MS Powder coated Inspection Hood with Optional AC
  • Low Air Pressure alarm
  • Transformer Over load Protection & alarm
  • Interlocking for set current assurance
  • Interlock for Demagnetization sequence (Optional)
  • Data recording logging and recall with optional connectivity to internet
  • Powder coated Metal Structural Hood with front Sliding Curtain with White Light & Exhaust Fan
  • Dark adaptation timer
  • Motorized Tail Stock and magnetizing Coil with cable protection
  • Current reading on the Large HMI Screen
  • Duration Timer (Only For Aerospace Application)
  • Allen Bradley PLC & HMI controls
  • In Built AC Decay Demagnetization for selected parts
  • Bath Level indicator & alarm

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