MPI Accessories

Magnetic Flux Indicators

Magnetic particle performance evaluation devices measure magnetic particle performance

Pie Field Indicator (Pie Gauge)

Used to Establish adequacy and direction of Magnetic Field on Test Part Surface. Meets ASTM Standards, remove Mfx name

ASTM Test Bar

for Yoke/BHEL Test Block for Prod Method

Test Bars Contains aritifical discontinuties for Magnetic Particle Inspection. ASTM Test is used for Electro Magnetic Yoke Insepction. BHEL Test Block is used for Prod Type Inspection. MTU Test Block used for MPI Testing of sensitivity of the magnetic powder/magnetic bath

Puffer Bulb

Light Weight, easy to use, Spray Bulb, for applying dry method powders.Removable Cap with fine holes for even sprays

Digital UV Intensity Meter & White Light Intensity Meter

UV-A Meter and Visible Light Meter for measuring UV-A black light and visible white light

Digital Hall Effect Probe Gauss Meter

Specifically designed to accurately measure magnetizing current generated by MPI Magnetizing equipment

Steady Rest, Contact Block Adaptors & Small Part Adaptors

Equipment Adapters Central conductors and adapters for magnetic benches help outfit the equipment to fit various part sizes and shapes

Mag Cables
120 Sq.MM

Magnetization Cables with Prod Set, a standard accessory for Portable & Mobile Power packs.

MTU Test Block

he MTU Test Block is used to check the sensitivity of magnetic particle materials, assess material degradation and assess bath contamination.

Ketos Ring

Drilled Holes simulate subsurface discontinuties. Forms surface indications at various magnetising current levels, as per MIL & ASTM Standards, for evaluating sensitivity of magnetic particles

QQI Shims

Aritifical flaw shims imrpove insepction reliability, verify magnetic field direction and relative strength at all critical areas of a component. Basic Circulat and Cross Bar flaws configuration suitable for longtudinal and circular fields. Meets ASTM & MIL Standards. It has 3 Models KSC-230/KSC-4-230 & KSCT-234

Centrifuge Tube With Stand

Centrifuge tubes and stand to measure settling volume concentration of magnetic powders

Residual Field Indicator (Gauss Meter)

The Pocket Size meters used to indicate residual magnetism Range from
0-10 Gauss Calibrated
0-10Gauss Uncalibrated
0-20Gauss Calibrated

Digital UV/White Light Intensity Meter

Digital UV/White Light Dual Type Intensity Meter with Sensors, Both UV & White Light Intensity can be checked with the same sensors, used for MPI/LPI Inspection

Copper Pads

Copper and lead contact pads for magnetic benches ensure reliable electrical contact with most part sizes and shapes

Prods & Clamps

Prods & clamps to magnetize a range of part shapes, configurations and sizes

Gauss Meter

MPI's Gauss Meter is designed to measure strong and moderate magnetic fields. 

Lifting Block

4.5 KG - AC
23 KG - DC
18 KG - Permanent Magnet