Critical Compliance

ZChem Specialities Pvt. Ltd.

NDT Consumables & Equipment

Critical Compliance

1. Any one who has issues arising out of any contract with the company will be addressed by the legal forums or courts in Bangalore jurisdiction only. This includes issues raised by our customers, suppliers, or our current employees and another persons or companies connected with the organization or have signed any contracts with the organization.

2. Any of our vendors or outsourced work manufacturers or our current employees working with us are strictly prohibited from divulging our confidential information or engaging themselves into similar trade with others. Any such activities are liable to make to cease the contract with them with immediate effect and futher liable for legal action.

3. Any concerns or issues of individual nature or connected with legal entities raised by customers or vendors or Employees of the organization must be addressed to only [email protected]. Company will treat emails addressed to another person as not valid.