Month: December 2020

Covid 19

Our Response to COVID 19

People are our priority. We are securing the health and safety of our workforce and communities and ensuring the continuity of supply  of NDT products  which the world relies.

As the world faces an unprecedented health crisis, we stand with our people. This means our employees, who work tirelessly to bring change to the world. It means our communities, the neighbours and the families who support us. And it means the global community.

To our employees – from Stake Holders   to office space – we thank you. We understand that this is a challenging time and know that the work you are doing ensures our operations continue as normal. We are proud to call you all HEROS

To our people all around the world, we are ready, and we are responsive. We are in this together.

A message from our Directors

We have entered a phase is this pandemic where in the responsibility is no more with government, hence it individuals responsibly to safeguard himself or herself complying with standard safe practices.

As an organization, we recognize this and ensure all our stake holders stay safe during this pandemic and beat COVID-19