Zchem Specialities Pvt Ltd.


We are the leading Manufacturers of Liquid Penetrant Inspection Materials such as Solvent Removable Penetrant( Visible Type), Water Washable Penetrant( Visible Type), Solvent Developer, Solvent Cleaner/ Degreaser, Fluorescent Water Washable Penetrant and Dry Powder Developer For Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.

 Solvent Removable Penetrant - Visible Type
solent removable penetrant visible type

Item Code: ZChek-PT

ZChek - PT is formulated to exhibit outstanding penetrating characteristics which provide for increased reliability of discontinuity identification. Due to its high flash point, it can be used even in open areas.


Features/Benifits :

  • Vivid red - offers high contrast
  • High Flash point - Safe to use in open areas
  • High sensitivity - Detects fine cracks
  • Non Halogenated - Safe on all metals
Visible Water Washable Penetrant

Item Code: ZChek-PTW


ZChek-PTW is formulated with biodgradable emulsifiers to be environmental friendly. With ease of washability ZChek-PTW is the ideal choice for foundries.


Features/Benifits :

  • Easy to wash
  • Ideal for rough surfaces
Solvent Cleaner/ Degreaser
solvent developer

Item Code: ZChek-CR

ZChek-CR is solvent based cleaner used for visible liquid Penetrant Inspection process.


Features/Benifits :

  • No residue - Better Penetrant action.
  • Lower odor - User friendly.
  • Fast action - Lower process time.
Solvent / Non Aqueous Developer
solvent developer

Item Code: ZChek-DL

ZChek-DL is solvent based developer used in visible type liquid penetrant inspection process. Formulated with micronised minerals, ZChek-DL provides easily suspendible, thin smooth layer. In the combination with ZChek-PT Penetrant, it gives high contrasting, clear indications.


Features/Benifits :

  • Brilliant white - High contrast.
  • Non halogenated - Safe on all metals.
  • High area coverage-less consumption.
Fluorescent Water Washable Penetrant

Item Code: ZChek -  FP1

ZChek - FP1 is water washable fluorescent penetrant. Formulated to be medium sensitivity penetrant, it is widely recommended for use in auto components.

Features/Benefits :

  • Fluoresces bright greenis - yellow
  • High Flash Point
Dry Powder Developer For Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Item Code: ZChek - D90


It is dry powder developer formulated with micronised white minerals. This high sensivity developer detects ultra fine cracks.


Features/Benifits :

Free Flowing, White Fluffy powder